Mazor X Stealth System

Boulder Neurosurgical & Spine Associates (BNA) is the first in Boulder County to offer the latest robotic technology for spine surgery — the Mazor X™ Stealth system — giving patients local access to an advanced surgical system that can make complex spine surgery safer and less painful.

What is the Mazor X Stealth system?

Mazor X combines proprietary software to plan the surgical procedure, a robotic arm to precisely guide the placement of implants during complicated spine surgery, and real-time imaging feedback to ensure a procedure proceeds as planned.

Traditional open spine surgery requires large incisions that require more muscle and tissue dissection, resulting in extended hospital stays, more pain and longer recovery times. Minimally-invasive spine surgery using Mazor X™ technology, on the other hand, allows surgeons to make smaller incisions to help guide surgical instruments more precisely during surgery.

Benefits of the Mazor X Stealth system

  • Less invasive than traditional spine surgery
  • Improved surgical accuracy
  • Smaller incisions
  • Less risk for complications
  • Less exposure to radiation
  • Less bleeding
  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Faster recovery/return to activities of daily living

What procedures can be performed with Mazor X Stealth system?

The Mazor X Stealth system can be used to treat a variety of spinal conditions, ranging from degenerative disc disease to scoliosis.

Who performs Mazor X surgery locally?

If you have questions about surgical procedures using Mazor X Stealth technology, please call us at 303-938-5700.