SmartHealth PayCard

Boulder Neurosurgical & Spine Associates is introducing a new way to pay for:

  • Deductibles and Co-pays
  • Health Insurance Premiums
  • Elective Procedures
  • Unexpected Medical Expenses
  • Prescriptions
  • Day-to-Day Medical Expenses

The SmartHealth PayCard™ Mastercard® is an easy way to pay for medical emergencies and daily medical needs, including pharmacy and elective procedures. Get approved in minutes for a credit line up to $30,000 (based on your creditworthiness). Use your virtual card immediately to cover your visit that day.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Immediately Available Funds: Once approved, you receive a revolving credit line up to $30,000, depending on your creditworthiness. The APR is never more than 18%.
  • Prescription Savings Program: Save up to 85% on the retail cost of medications nationwide.*
  • Accident Medical Expense Benefits**: Up to $5,000 to help cover costs associated with a primary surgeon, assistant surgeon, surgical facility, ambulance, ER visit, and hospital daily room and board. Benefits are paid to the cardholder.
  • $5,000 Accidental Death Benefit**: Helps family members pay for expenses related to household management and medical expenses.
  • Freedom of Choice: No restrictive networks. Choose any health practitioner, veterinarian or pharmacy. Use at any provider where Mastercard® is accepted.
  • Your Everyday Card: Pay for prescriptions, procedures, high deductibles, copays, preventative care, emergencies, dental, mental health, hearing, vision, veterinary services, and more.


Program Overview • Card Benefits



* The prescription savings program is not insurance. It can be used for your pets’ prescriptions if the medication is also available for human consumption.
** These additional coverages are not health insurance for people and do not apply to animals.