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Sigita Burneikiene, MD

About Sigita Burneikiene, MD

“The main reason why research is particularly important to me is that we are trying to bridge the gap between neurosurgical practice and clinical research. Clinical research determines how medicine is practiced in the United States and clinical trial results can dramatically change the way doctors treat patients. In fact, standards of care, clinical practice, and even limits of insurance coverage are based on scientific and clinical evidence published in medical literature. Therefore, research is important not only because it expands our knowledge of neurological surgery, but, within a short period of time, can greatly improve the clinical practice of neurological surgery. This means that patients can receive the most innovative treatment available, obtain greater symptom relief, and be efficiently treated. The end result is better medicine for all.”

Dr. Burneikiene is the Director of Clinical Research at Justin Parker Neurological Institute. She has almost 20 years of experience in the field of neuroscience.

She graduated from Vilnius University (Lithuania) with a Medical Degree in 1986. After completing her training, Dr. Burneikiene served as a clinical neurophysiologist and conducted research at Vilnius University Emergency Hospital. She came to the United States and joined Boulder Neurosurgical & Spine Associates in 2003.

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